About Us

We not only do coding but also ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service and upskilling programs

Flashflow Technologies (OPC) Private Limited was incorporated on August 7th, 2018. It was founded envisioning a future where Artificial Intelligence would permeate every sphere of life, making human life better. Today Flashflow Technologies is developing AI for Human Machine Interface, Biomedical Applications, Human Augmentation and Academics and training the potential brainpower of the world with this technology to make this future possible.

We believe in being equipped with the latest technologies taking over the world and spreading awareness about it to the world. We believe in technology to make lives better. Our belief makes us strive better to use technology to provide better solutions to our clients and to train our clients with the latest technologies in the market.



We lay a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. We provide customized solutions to our customers and update our solutions based on the needs of the customers. Our training and upskilling programs are also tailor made according to the requirement of our clients. In our internship program we ensure the participants learn the fundamentals as well as the advanced skills and are ready to face real world technological challenges.

We deliver value to our clients by:
• Timely Delivery
• Individual attention to trainees
• Domain expertise of our team


• Use our domain expertise in Artificial Intelligence for upskilling our trainees enabling them to be future-ready

• Provide consultancy services for industries in niche areas such as Artificial Intelligence and Astronomy

• Organize outreach events to create awareness about Science and Technology


To be first choice R&D, Consulting and Upskilling company:

• Bridge the gap between industry and academia by providing tailor made upskilling programs to our clients in the industry and in academia

• Provide consultancy services for clients in Industry and Academia

• Become a learning center for niche skills such as Artificial Intelligence and Astronomy

• Design and Develop AI and Astronomy products especially catering to the Indian Market

Flashflow Technologies

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