Upskilling & Internship

We provide upskilling and training services for our clients in Industry and Academia. We integrate internship with our training program meeting the criteria of academic institutions.

We provide upskilling services in different domains of the IT industry. Our training and upskilling programs are customized according to your needs. Our training programs cover fundamental programming skills as well as advanced software development skills required by the industry. Our area of expertise is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and we provide specialized training programs on these skills both from an industry perspective as well as from a Research perspective.

We believe that concepts learnt can be well understood only when it is applied in practical use cases. For this purpose we integrate internship with our upskilling program. Considering the academic requirement of the students and institute, our upskilling program with internship is priced nominally and we ensure all the academic criteria are met for the student and the institute. Our internship program includes developing solutions for problem statements as well as learning new cutting edge technologies used in the industry


Basic Programming Skills:
C Programming, Java, Python

Advanced Software Development Skills:
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Backend API Development and Testing, Java-Springboot, MongoDB, T-SQL – MS SQL Server, React NodeJS, Full Stack Development

Benefits of our Upskilling Program

Strengthen the Fundamentals

We give great importance to having a strong foundation in any skill. We ensure that our trainees develop a strong foundation in their skills during the upskilling programs


Our trainers have experience working in the IT Industry, research and in Academia and therefore can bridge the gap between academia and industry by understanding the industry requirements and identifying the skills and providing customized training as per the requirement

Customized Training Programs

We believe in giving special attention to each of our trainees and therefore we provide customized training programs for our clients in academia and industry depending on the requirement

Internship Program

Undergraduate students who attend our training program can attend the integrated internship program where they can put into practice the skills learnt in the training program on real projects.

Our trainers have over 10 years of experience in Industry, Consulting, Academia and Research and we bring that expertise into our training programs.

We have been consulting on various Projects for Fintech Companies, Manufacturing Industries, E-Commerce Companies and Colleges

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